RadiOStay Features

  1. FEATURE 2
    RadioStay is a lightweight website so it will load up fast, and it will not stop, or lag at anypoint.
  2. FEATURE 3
    RadioStay is mobile-friendly as well. You can access and play on your device all day. When you lock screen the music will continue and you will be provided on your lock screen with music option buttons.
  3. FEATURE 1
    Music is to your customization. Just Email RadioStay at [email protected] and we will play music that you prefer.
  4. FEATURE 4
    A RS Blog will soon be available where pictures from all around the globe will be shared.
  5. FEATURE 5
    RS Blog will also have videos, in 4K, slowmo, hyperlapse, everything.
  6. FEATURE 6
    Think of it as your own private radio. You listen to it. You stop listening to it. It really is, just you and music.