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Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
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No expense
No need to pay anything
in order to listen to the radio.
Everything is free.
Go to Contact page if you have
any suggestions.
Critisism is welcomed.
RadioStay is a low-key radio, designed for bars, restaurants, public places, and even call centers, if prefered. Also it's awesome for home usage. 
Just chilling in your room.

Best Artists till now : 

  • Eminem
  • NF
  • Alan Walker
  • J Cole
  • The Weeknd
Radio's work
  1. Designed by WVD
    Content writing for websites
    WVD is a new up&coming web designing, and software engineering freelance studio located in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. Scroll down for legacy.
  2. Legacy
    Our Work
    GetIT!-Store ( RoyalDream ( QuintoPrestito ( Etc
  3. More in 2018
    Music Projects
    New Record Label, called WVR, with artists like L1Sen, Dunkirk, DarkGrim, XFaze. Summer 2018, first live performance. Dates will be shown here when available.
  1. 2017
    This Radio was created in October 2017.
    Managment of music in public places, like restaurants, bars, and chill lounges was the original idea of this project. Variating music. From Rap, to House, to Trance, to EDM, to NuMetal, to every other rhyme.
  2. 2018+
    Future Planes
    RadioStay this summer, will be your JAM. We will be promoting artists, releasing tour dates, ticket information of various artists, even those not managed by us. Soon an email will be available to contact if you are looking for career management in the music business.
Radio's Timelapse
  1. One Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain


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  1. WaveCity Design
    WaveCity Design
    Responsible for all responsive websites. Wordplay to the master.
  2. Just-IT!!!
    These kind of surprises, not even Santa can deliver.
  3. Dunkirk - The Album
    Dunkirk - The Album
    Dunkirk's Album "Rigormortis Thoughts" comes out July 2018. Stay tuned. On RadioStay.